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You wake up next to your cabin by the beach and your plants need to be watered.

SOMNIUM LITORE is a PS1 inspired exploration game with multiple endings, it is currently an in-development hobby so it might have some bugs (and it has been recently translated to english so sorry if there is some bad english!)

Thanks for checking it out and please let me know your feedback.

ENDING 1 1.Remember to water the tree too 
2.After watering all the plants go inside the cabin

3.Dig between the tree and 3 plants until something comes out, you should hear a sound when done correctly

ENDING 21.You have to scan the spotify code inside the cave

2.The spotify code tells  you to "wait within the eye"                                                       (probably gonna change this puzzle in the future)


I wanna give credits to the whole Haunted Ps1 community (and a close irl friend) for giving me the inspiration to make this, and specifically to Bryce Butcher's FATUM BETULA from which i take most ideas (i hope this game doesn't feel like a bootleg).

StatusIn development
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Indie, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

  1. Download and extract from .zip
  2. Enjoy :)


SomniumLitore_Demo(EN).zip 276 MB

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now i have ending ;D

Nice! I'm glad you kept looking for them, thanks a lot


your game so beauty poem ...great jobs


What happened to the video?

It got copyright claimed. If I didn't take the video down it could lead to a copyright strike. I emailed the guy that sent it and am waiting for a response now.

damn that sucks, i used some copyrighted songs but didn't think it would be a problem (since the game will always be free)

So the guy that owns the video clip of the time lapse sent the copyright claim. He said that he did not get credit for his video clip. I emailed him saying I could give him credit for it in my video description on a reupload or I'll just reupload without his clip in the video. I'll let you know when he responds but that video is going back up with or without it. 

i'll make sure to give credit to the timelapse in the future, sorry for the trouble.


We got ending 2! The setting was excellent and made exploring intriguing. The cat and the other worldly creatures all made for a interesting and fun overall experience. The footage and dialogue after bus made us want to know more about the story. One suggestion: Instead of having players scan the Spotify code, just put a sign that has the clue written on it. It makes it more excisable for players. We followed the instructions to get Ending 1 but could not get anything to happen after watering the big tree. We would love to do a video on how to get Ending 1. Love the concept and world. Keep up the good work! We are looking forward to the full game. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback and gameplay, i agree with the spotify thing and i'm also gonna make the first ending easier to get (i'll admit the process is kind of ambiguous), glad you liked it!


i play old version :D nice version eng ,,,cat dance ahahahahahah

I'm glad you liked it, try to get an ending!

so hard second part ... for pass gates..think need video tips ahahahh

I left hints at the end of this page, thanks for playing :)

we made a walkthrough video on how to get each endings if you're interested. They are both above your vid.

Looking great so far. The day/night cycle adds to the relaxing beach vibe retreat. You definitely have our interest.  We watered all plants and found the tape and checked the cave and talked to the spider. Where is the key and code? Did we miss something?

Make sure to water the tree too!


Nice game, gives a lot to interpret and the beach is beautiful.